Vacuum Birth

Did the doctor assist your birthing process with a vacuum device? These extraction devices are used in about 10 percent of all births and cause certain birth injuries to some newborns. Most of the time vacuum extractions are used to help with problems in vaginal deliveries, even thou they can cause possible serious injury. You need legal assistance to fight for your medical rights of your baby.

Vacuum exaction vaginal deliveries are initiated when:

  • The mother life is at risk
  • The infant is at risk
  • Slow labor
  • Tried mother from prolong delivery

Vacuum extraction cause a higher risk for these types of birth injuries:  bruises or scalp abrasions,  blood spots on the skull,  jaundice,  fractures, nerve damage, bleeding of the eyes, intracranial bleeding,  brain hemorrhaging, and swelling.  After these injuries have occurred, the medical staff may misdiagnose the newborns condition and your baby may die. Get legal help now; consult a birth injury lawyer today.

This procedure uses a vacuum extractor that attaches to the baby’s head using suction and pulls the infant down the birth canal. Even when the mother has contractions to help, head injuries may be unavoidable. The vacuum suction cup from the pump leaves bruising and possible internal skull bleeding. Our birth defect attorneys can assist if this has happened!

Child birth complication injuries from the vacuum extraction may include:

  • Bleeding in the space between the scalp and the skull
  • Bleeding within the skull

If these signs or conditions are not detected within a few days many other problems may unveil themselves like anemia, respiratory distress, and internal bleeding. These type of head trauma from the use of vacuum extraction devices can be fatal or life crippling for your child. Contact a birth injury lawyer today regarding birth malpractice.