Infant Brain Damage

Birth trauma may involve any fraction or portion of child’s or mother’s body, as well as any organs and limbs. The majority of critical birth trauma conditions typically involve injury to the cerebral and/or the nerve system, possibly causing permanent nerve damage. A large amount of oxygen is required in order for the brain to function and survive, and is the prime center of coordination and regulation of all body activities. Oxygen to the brain from the respiratory system is critical to maintain a well balanced support of its key functions. Brain damage may result from mechanical injuries, such as improper applications or obstetrical forceps to a baby’s head throughout the process of birth. Critical, modest or tranquil damage to the brain caused by a low amount of oxygen supply (anoxia or hypoxia) throughout labor may cause everlasting injury and an array of neurological problems. If a baby did not receive the right amount of oxygen during his or her birth because of a doctor's incompetence, a birth injury lawyer can help.

Brain damage may be a result of a doctor mishandling any of the following situations:

  • The infant’s size
  • Disproportion
  • Difficult labor or childbirth
  • The infant's position

Usually, brain damage may occur when the blood flow and oxygen are restricted during the birthing process. When it becomes apparent that the mother or infant is not getting sufficient oxygen, it is essential that the attending physician or medical personnel take action quickly to increase oxygen. When the attending physician is neglectful and fails to correct the blood and oxygen flow, everlasting injuries may result. Cerebral Palsy, for example, is one devastating brain condition that can be the result of a doctor’s negligence. If your child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, contact a lawyer today.

There are numerous medical techniques, including cesarean sections, which can put a stop to long-term harm to the infant. If the physician or attending medical staff fails to act rapidly and proficiently, the responsible parties may be held accountable of medical negligence. In these cases, they can be held legally responsible for the financial and emotional losses suffered by the infant and his or her family. A lawyer will fight for your rights for compensation if a doctor caused injury to your baby.