Erb's Palsy Injury

This is a type of brachial plexus injury and can also be referred to as shoulder dystocia. Although sometimes confused with Klumpke's Palsy, the two share  many similarities, except Klumpke's Palsy is actually a lower plexus injury. With proper and successful treatment, the negative effects can be minimized, but the costs of this kind of treatment can be large. Our local Erb's Palsy lawyers will fight for compensation to cover the costs of the treatment.

A few of the many symptoms of Erb's Palsy include:

  • Unable to sit up easily
  • Paralysis of the face
  • Finger and hand paralysis
  • Other limited movement abilities

While sometimes a doctor's carelessness may be the cause of a baby's Erb's Palsy, other  times, factors outside of the doctor's hands may be to blame. However, it is a doctor's responsibility to notice these potential risk factors and do the best they can in order to prevent or minimize an palsy injuries. If a doctor's negligence caused your baby's erbs palsy, our attorneys can help regarding your baby's erbs palsy.

Treatment for Erb's Palsy  - While some babies may improve after a few months, others do not and surgery may be needed. If it is past one year, surgery may not even be able to help at all. The baby will need to wear a splint for a few weeks after surgery. Even with a successful surgery, it could still take months or years before the problem is fixed.

Treatment for Erb's Palsy requires the following:

  • Operating microscope
  • A special type of anesthesia
  • A specialist
  • Monitoring equipment

Besides surgery, other types of treatment for Erbs Palsy includes physical therapy as well as occupational therapy. With any type of successful treatment, a child may still continue to feel the effects that the Erb's palsy has left behind. Our attorneys can help if this has happened.