Delivery Errors

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Was your birth injury caused in a labor room?  Many birth deliveries that go wrong due to delivery errors in a hospital error are sometimes the cause of incompetent staff, doctors and nurses. If you or someone you know has suffered a birth tragedy during labor while in a hospital, then get legal help immediately. Consult a birth trauma lawyer today.

Reasons for errors occuring in a labor room during delivery may include:

  • Hospital neglect
  • Administer the wrong drug
  • Improper epidural
  • Miscalculation of contractions
  • Did not take vital signs
  • Improper extraction of infant
  • Forced delivery

Did you know that spastic diplegia cerebral palsy is the result of mishandling an infant?  Also, other birth injuries from mishandling include: shoulder dystocia, lack of oxygen, spinal injuries, paralysis, and brain damage. The doctor has to make quick decisions without delay to take the safest way to save the baby and to prevent injuries. During these types of decisions, the doctor may neglect your situation and cause you to lose your baby. Get a cerebral palsy attorney to represent you in this emotional and tragic matter.

Delivery errors in a hospital room during labor can cause catastrophic injury to your infant. These injuries may be life long disabilities and you are entitled to compensation for medical bills, therapy,  future surgeries, and any other expenses caused by medical malpractice in an emergency room.

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