C-Section Complications

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A cesarean section (or simply put, c section births) is another common procedure that is done during the delivery of a baby. Although not as common or safe as a vaginal birth, c-sections are sometimes the better option for some mothers. In some cases, a vaginal birth may actually be unsafe and result in complications for the mother, the child, or both. This can be due for a number of different reasons. When a doctor fails to recognize that an emergency Cesarean section is necessary, a number of different injuries and complications can result to both the mother and the baby. In some cases, these complications may be fatal.

A c-section procedure may be necessary when:

  • The fetus has developed abnormally
  • There is an abnormal heart rate in the fetus
  • Multiple births
  • Breech position
  • The baby is very large
  • The mother has HIV or genital herpes
  • There are umbilical cord problems
  • And more

The other type of problem that lies with Cesarean sections is the opposite of failing to do this procedure when it is critical; the other main problem is when a c-section procedure is performed when it was unnecessary. Usually, it is recommended that a mother gives birth to a child vaginally, unless something indicates otherwise. If there is nothing out of the ordinary and everything proves to be normal, however, vaginal birth is usually the best option. When a c section vs vaginal birth is ordered when it was not necessary and a problem arises, the doctor may be found liable for being negligent. Additionally, once a c-section is done, any vaginal births in the future can prove to be dangerous and there is greater risk for injury and severe complications.

Whether you had a c-section by choice or your doctor felt it was the best choice, it is the responsibility of all medical professionals involved in ensuring that the procedure goes well. If a doctor makes the slightest mistake, a number of things can go wrong and many complications may arise. In many cases, mothers have bled to death during this procedure. Other times, a c-section infection was contracted. If you or your baby has contracted an infection during your Cesarean procedure, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a lawyer today to help determine if your infection or other complications were due to the negligence of the medical staff.

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