Did you have a difficult birth? Later, you realized that your baby showed signs of brain damage. Most likely, it was the doctor’s fault for not acting fast enough to prevent baby birth asphyxia. This birth injury has life long complications; among one, is death. The baby also can suffer from baby birth asphyxia when the newborn is improperly handled by the doctor, hospital staff, or nurses.

Some results of birth injuries from baby birth asphyxia include:

  • Lack of oxygen
  • Retardation
  • cerebal palsy
  • Lack of motor skills

Asphyxia refers to the lack of blood flow in the baby’s brain and the oxygen levels fall below normal and cause brain damage. It is the responsibility of a clinician to monitor the fetus oxygen for any signs of abnormalities. Birth malpractice is considered the neglect of properly caring for the mother and the fetus to prevent asphyxia. Get legal help today from a lawyer regarding your birth trauma case!

Has your baby been given a clinical diagnosis of baby birth asphyxia? This could also mean that the infant will be impaired and have neurological function problems through out their life, sometimes short and sometimes very long with all the emotional pain and heart ache that come with it. Let a lawyer help determine if you have a potential birth trauma case.

Did you know that seizures usually develop within the first 24 hours of life? This is a sign that your baby has a brain injury or some other birth injury from delivery. A lawyer can assist you if your newborn has suffered from birth trauma.