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Causes of Birth Injuries

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C-Section Complications

A cesarean section is a method of extracting a baby from a mother's womb when vaginal delivery is impossible. It involves cutting through the skin an...

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Assisted Birth and Potential Problems

In some situations during birth, a physician may decide to use an assisted birth method. One of these methods include vacuum suction, where a soft suc...

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Causes of Birth Injuries During Delivery

A birth injury is an injury an infant receives during the process of being born. Some of these types of injuries occur through no one's fault. Howev...

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Injury from Forced Extraction

Sometimes during difficult births, doctors use extraction tools such as the vacuum suction or forceps. These tools are typically used when the fetus ...

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Fetal Abuse

Generally, when referring to “fetal abuse,” one is discussing abuse to a fetus by the by a pregnant mother which rises to the level of a crimina...

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Failure to Timely Delivery During Fetal Distress

The birth of a baby is a much anticipated and celebrated event.  However, there are occasions when serious problems arise during labor and delivery...

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Advanced Fetal Monitoring

Electronic fetal monitoring is done with an advanced machine that detects the essentials of a healthy delivery, such as uterine contractions and ...

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Breech Birth Injury

Around 8 months of pregnancy, there is limited space in the uterus. The majority of babies make the most of their confined quarters by settling in a h...

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Delivery Errors

Was your birth injury caused in a labor room?  Many birth deliveries that go wrong due to delivery errors in a hospital error are sometimes the cau...

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Cesarean Section Complications

A cesarean section (or simply put, c-section) is another common procedure that is done during the delivery of a baby. Although not as common or safe...

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Forceps Birth

Is your baby suffering from a birth defect? Childbirth can be a very emotional and very painful experience. Emotions are already heightened when ant...

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High Risk Pregnancy

When certain conditions and symptoms present themselves during a pregnancy, it becomes a pregnancy that is high risk...

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Vacuum Birth

Did the doctor assist your birthing process with a vacuum device? These extraction devices are used in about 10 percent of all births and cause cer...

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