Cesarean Section: Complications and Birth Injury

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A caesarean section delivery is a method of extracting a baby from a mother's womb when vaginal delivery is impossible. It involves cutting through the skin and fat layers, into the womb, where the baby can be removed safely. Unfortunately, sometimes complications can occur, either due to the natural process or to negligent physicians.

Why are C Sections Performed?

There are certain situations in which a physician must perform a cesarean section, because a vaginal delivery is either not possible or would not be safe. For instance, if the baby is too large for the mother's birth canal to accommodate him or her properly, a c-section may be done. Or, if the baby is in distress and must come out quickly, a c-section may be done. Other reasons that a physician may decide to perform a cesarean section include:

  • The baby is breech and labor is too far progressed to try and turn the baby around manually so that a normal birth can occur.
  • The baby's umbilical cord is wrapped around his or her neck.
  • The baby's heartbeat is irregular, indicating distress.
  • The mother is unable to help in the birthing process, because of a medical condition of her own.

Common C Section Complications

Some of the complications that can occur when a physician must do a cesarean section on a birthing mother include:

  • Severe bleeding at the site of incision which could require additional medical care and carries the risk of death.
  • Risk of infection.
  • Adhesions, which occur when scar bands heal and cause organs to stick together. This happens in 93% of pelvic surgeries.
  • Fetal injury during delivery – which may include minor lacerations or bruises, or more dangerous injuries.

While some injuries are common and would be considered unavoidable, there are some injuries that occur which an alert physician could prevent. If this happens, some may consider the physician as negligent. When physicians are negligent, victims have the right to seek legal compensation.

Cesarean Section Legal Help

For individuals who wish to seek legal action against negligent physicians, there are many options. The first step should be to contact a medical malpractice attorney who is knowledgeable and qualified in this area. He or she can take a look at the facts and explain whether or not a case would be considered legitimate in a court of law. He or she can also advise the victim on what steps to take next in order to protect their best interests.

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