Permanent Nerve Damage Birth Injury

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Expecting parents may accept that their baby may be born with certain unpreventable health problems, but it is much harder to accept that their baby could suffer from permanent nerve damage due to the malpractice of medical professionals.  Yet, each year thousands of babies suffer permanent nerve damage due to the mistakes of their doctors and other healthcare providers.

Permanent Nerve Damage Injuries During Birth

Often, permanent nerve damage results in a condition known as a palsy, or a paralysis of part of the body.  The most common types of birth injury palsy include:

  • Erbs Palsy: Erbs palsy is a paralysis of the arm that is caused when shoulder nerve damage, or arm nerve damage, occurs during birth.  Often, shoulder nerve damage happens when the shoulder is hurt during delivery.  For example, a medical professional could attempt a breech birth and the shoulders could get stuck in the birth canal or the medical professional could put too much pressure on the shoulder during delivery.
  • Cerebral Palsy:  Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects muscles and body movement. Symptoms can include gross motor problems due to weak muscles, seizures, and other problems.  It can be caused if the baby receives a lack of oxygen at birth that results in brain damage.  Lack of oxygen at birth is a condition that medical professionals can often prevent.

Getting Legal Help from a Lawyer

Many birth injuries are preventable.  Modern technology allows doctors to carefully monitor fetuses, to determine when an unborn baby is in fetal distress, and to take the necessary steps to prevent injuries.  Doctors can also prevent fetal distress by properly interpreting diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds prior to birth.

It can be difficult to prove that a doctor’s, or other medical professional’s, negligence caused your child’s injury.  In order to recover damages it is important to hire an experienced birth injury lawyer who can represent you in settlement negotiations or in court and help you, and your child, recover fair and equitable damages.