Lexapro Birth Defect and Lawyer Help

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Lexapro is a medication which is prescribed for the treatment of depression. During pregnancy, Lexapro has been utilized for the treatment of anxiety.  However, there have been significant numbers of birth defects reported to children who were born to mothers who were taking Lexapro during their pregnancies.

Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension from Lexapro

There are several types of birth defects currently associated with Lexapro.  The first birth defect is a lung birth defect known as Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension. Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension occurs when the baby’s circulatory system reverts to that of an infant, bypassing the lungs.  As a result, the baby’s organs do not receive adequate oxygen.  Therefore, various conditions result, such as respiratory distress, hypoxemia and acidosis. 

The second type of birth defect affiliated with Lexapro is called Omphalocele.  This is a birth defect where the baby’s abdominal organs (frequently the intestines) protrude out of the belly button.  The third type of birth defect relating to Lexapro is known as Craniosynostosis.  This is a birth defect which causes the sutures on top of a baby’s head to close too soon, causing a physical abnormality.  The child may also develop neurological impairments and developmental delays.

Liability of Birth Defect Caused by Lexapro

If one was prescribed Lexapro during pregnancy and had a child with a birth defect, it is possible that there may be a legal claim.  The claim could possibly be against the prescribing physician or the manufacturer of the medication.  For instance, there have been class actions asserted against manufacturers of similar medications which claim that the patients did not receive adequate warnings of the risks of birth defects if a fetus was exposed to the medication while in utero.  Some other types of antidepressant medications prescribed during pregnancy have been the subject of lawsuits, including citalopram birth defects and wellbutrin birth defects cases.

Help from a Birth Defect Attorney

If one’s child was born with a birth defect which may be attributable to Lexapro, one may want to seek the advice of an experienced attorney.  An experienced attorney will be able to evaluate one’s case and determine whether there is a viable legal claim.  In addition, if such a claim exists, a seasoned attorney can assist in selecting the most appropriate course of action.  Finally, an attorney will have the resources and knowledge in order to quickly resolve the matter and obtain the most advantageous result.

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