Nebraska Man Who Left 9 Children at Hospital Expecting Twins


July 6, 2009

In 2007, Gary Stanton left his nine children- aged 1 to 17- at a hospital in Omaha. His wife had just died of a cerebral aneurysm right after the birth of the last child and he could not handle the burden of being a single father. For this reason, he took advantage of the state’s “safe haven law.”

This legislation was created to cut down on the number of children who were killed or abandoned by their parents by offering a safe drop-off place, where the children could become wards of the state. However, it was not intended for children of all ages. The law has since been amended to limit its reach only infants up to 30 days old.

Recently, it was reported that the father who abandoned his nine children is expecting twins with his new girlfriend. The news was released by the stepmother of the deceased mother. Stanton declined to comment on the pregnancy.



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