I think wrongful administration of a drug during my child birth delivery caused brain disorders on my new born. Can I sue?

At the last minute, my doctor couldn’t deliver my baby because he was still involved in an emergency operation on another patient. He sent in one of the newest doctors in his practice to deliver my daughter.

This young man reviewed the wrong file before entering my birthing room. I didn’t learn until much later that he had instructed the nurses to inject me with a drug to greatly lower my blood pressure, even though I’ve never had high blood pressure. I’m now told that the wrongful administration of this drug directly caused the extremely serious complications that developed during the delivery of my child.

My daughter now suffers from several brain disorders and is unable to remain awake for long periods of time. Should I bring a lawsuit against both doctors?

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You clearly need to speak with a personal injury attorney who specializes in birth trauma cases. This expert can advise you as to whether or not both doctors may be liable for your child’s birth defects. It’s highly possible that you may also need to name the hospital and others who were present in the birthing room in your lawsuit.

Hopefully, your medical records will fully back up your claim that a drug was administered to you that wasn’t necessary -- based on what the various medical devices monitoring your condition indicated just prior to your child’s birth. Be ready to explain to your attorney why you believe this young doctor reviewed the wrong file instead of your own. Try to recall if a particular nurse made a comment about this to you or someone else who was present in the delivery room that day.

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