My new born son who is 1 week old is showing symptoms of birth trauma. How do I go about filing a Birth Trauma claim?

While delivering my son, my doctor decided, at the last minute, to use forceps because she said his head was unusually large. It’s been one week since he was born and he is still losing clear fluid out his left ear and throwing up each time he breastfeeds. What should I do to file a Birth Trauma claim?


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You need to take your baby to an ER or medical specialist right away. You should also hire an attorney to review all of your delivery records. Since the symptoms you’re describing can be tied to some rather serious medical conditions, you’ll need a good  doctor to rule out the presence of a skull fracture or other problem that might require immediate medical attention. While the improper use of forceps can cause a fracture, it may not be your doctor’s fault if such a condition now exists.

A lawyer who has handled a significant amount of birth trauma litigation will know how to properly evaluate your case and the potential negligence of others. Be ready to tell your attorney if your baby was born premature and if you were battling any particular medical problems of your own at the time of the birth.

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