I gave birth the natural way and my baby suffered injuries. I believe my doctor should have done a c section but neglected it?

I had natural childbirth and my baby suffered severe injury and complications.  I found out after delivery that my doctor should have done a c-section because my baby was over ten pounds, but failed to realize the size until it was too late.  Is there any action I can take against the doctor?

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Birth trauma is commonly defined as an injury that is sustained by an infant during childbirth.  While some birth traumas are unavoidable, others occur because of medical negligence at child birth.  When a doctor monitors a woman during pregnancy, certain tests like ultrasounds can help to determine the size of the baby.  As the baby gets larger, the likelihood of birth trauma during delivery increases.  Often times, a doctor will recommend a c-section prior to the onset of labor because it helps to avoid the risks associated with delivering a large baby naturally.  If you doctor failed to account for the size of your baby until it was too late, you may have a medical malpractice case against the doctor.  You should contact an attorney in your area that specializes in birth trauma to see if you have a case to recover damages from your delivery doctor.

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