My doctor let my baby go without oxygen for over 5 minutes during birth causing Cerebral Palsy. How do I hold him liable?

My child was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy about six months after he was born.  I believe my doctor caused the disease by letting him go without oxygen for over 5 minutes during birth.  How can I hold the doctor responsible?


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When a birth trauma occurs that leads to Cerebral Palsy, the family of the injured child can seek damages from the doctor who was at fault for the injury.  Not all cases of Cerebral Palsy occur as a result of a doctor error, but when a birth trauma occurs because of a medical mistake, the doctor is responsible and should be held liable for the damage done.  Whether the birth trauma occurred due to an improper delivery, and undetected infection during pregnancy, lack of oxygen during birth or severe jaundice, mistakes that the doctor could have avoided are sufficient to hold the doctor responsible for the injury to your child.  Although suing the doctor cannot take away the debilitating effects of Cerebral Palsy, it can allow a family to recover damages that can go towards caring for the child who will be disabled for life. 

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