How safe is it for Forceps Assisted Birth methods to be used during a Birth Delivery?

How do I know if is safe for my doctor to use forceps during my delivery?  Are there advantages to having assistance with suction or forceps?


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Generally speaking, assisted birth (suction or forceps) is safe if the tools are used properly.  The risk factors for birth trauma increase when the delivery doctor misuses the tools and causes injury or permanent brain damage.  With assisted birth (suction), the doctor uses a vacuum cup on the head of the baby to help pull the baby out while the mother pushes.  If done improperly, the suction cup can cause a hematoma on the head of the baby that can result in brain damage if severe enough.  With forceps, birth trauma can occur when the doctor improperly uses the forceps to grasp the baby and thereby cause injury to the scull and brain.  While both suction and forceps have their risks, they are both used regularly and are safe if done properly.  You should discuss your options with your doctor and think about getting a second opinion if you are still unsure about the options and risks associated with each.

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