Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Spastic cerebral palsy is considered the most common type of cerebral palsy types. This type of condition stems most often from damage to the corticospinal tract, which is also known as the motor cortex. This location handles the body's nervous system function and as such receives the bad signal coming from areas of the body that are disabled. There are several types of spastic cerebral palsy including hemiplegia, which happens when only one side is affected, diplegia when only the lower extremities are affected, and quadriplegia, when all four limbs are equally affected. The condition does not have any effect on the intelligence of a person, in most cases. The condition can happen because of birthing errors or by other conditions that are not understood completely by doctors.

Fast Facts

  • 70 to 80 percent of all cases of cerebral palsy are spastic cerebral palsy cases.
  • Up to 30 percent of people with other forms of cerebral palsy will also have spastic cerebral palsy as well.

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