Natural C Section

Doctors in the United Kingdom at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital and Imperial College London have developed a birthing procedure they call a natural c section. The intent is to make the surgical procedure as much like a vaginal birth as possible. During this procedure the doctors keep the initial and fairly bloody abdomen cutting procedure hidden behind surgical drapes. Once the doctors are ready to begin the birth of the baby, the mother's abdomen is cleaned and the drapes are removed so the baby's father can witness the birth. The baby is removed slowly to allow the natural uterine contractions to clear the lungs like what would happen during a vaginal birth. The baby's arms are often freed and the mother can watch her baby being born. The baby is placed on the mother's chest so baby and mother can begin bonding right away. The procedure is new and relatively untested so it there is a need for continued evaluation of outcomes including what happens if the baby experiences distress. Since this is a new procedure there are potential legal ramifications concerning the safety of mother and baby.

Fast Facts

  • Four (4) million babies a year are born in the US
  • Wednesday is the day of the week that 15.4 % more babies were born on according to 2006 CDC data
  • Sunday is the day the least number of babies are born on according to 2006 CDC data

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