Cerebral Palsy Physical Therapy

In many instances of cerebral palsy, physical therapy benefits the individuals. With ataxia cerebral palsy, physical therapy helps correct balance problems. Taking physical therapy can help a child develop certain strategies which will aid them in controlling their muscles. Physical therapy helping children with ataxia will utilize balance activities and exercise activities designed to help children. It may involve walking on a balance beam, work with a medicine ball and learn to fall. In the case of diplegia cerebral palsy, physical therapy may use therapeutic exercises to help motor skills. If the child has a mild to moderate case of diplegia cerebral palsy, he or she can enjoy normal activities in physical education. In the case of quadriplegia cerebral palsy, physical therapy is an essential part of stimulating the child. When, what types and for how long a child with cerebral palsy has physical therapy depends upon the individual case. The cost of ongoing cerebral palsy physical therapy is expensive. If your child's condition is the result of a birth trauma, you may be able, with the help of a lawyer, to obtain funds to off set these costs.

Fast Facts

  • Half the number of people who have cerebral palsy use assistive devices.

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