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Cerebral palsy attorneys are specialized attorneys in the field of cerebral palsy injury law. This particular type of illness affects thousands of people around the world and in many cases is avoidable. Attorneys working on behalf of families may be able to get specialized care or compensation from doctors and other professionals who make mistakes that lead to the development of cerebral palsy in a child. In addition, these attorneys are available to help individuals with the condition to pursue disability claims. With a strong working knowledge of cerebral palsy, these attorneys are able to offer very specialized care. Many make birth injuries the focus of their careers. Their specialized understanding of the condition, its causes and the avoidable mistakes often made can aid any family looking for restitution.

Fast Facts

  • Around the world, 5018 deaths of infants have been attributed to cerebral palsy as of 2004.
  • By the age of ten, 1 out of every 400 children have cerebral palsy.

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