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A cerebral palsy attorney is a name used to describe an attorney that is specialized in the area of cerebral palsy litigation. Many of these attorneys offer other services including those of brain damage or other birthing process complications. These attorneys not only know the law requirements behind this type of case, but they also are quite familiar with the actual medical procedures involved in birthing as well as knowing what cerebral palsy patients struggle with on a daily basis. Because of their career focus, they can often offer parents an ability to get monetary and legal support for their child if it is proven that the child's condition was brought on by negligence on the part of a doctor.

Fast Facts

  • The lifetime costs for medical and other forms of care for those who are born with cerebral palsy is estimated to average $500,000. Medical care for these patients is often quite limited.

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    Cerebral palsy is often attributed to complications during the birth of a child, such as head injury, infectio...
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