Cerebral Palsey

Although the actually cause of cerebral palsey (or cerebral palsy) is unknown in some cases, doctors do have a good idea of what can cause this condition in some children. In some cases, the child suffers some type of injury during, before or immediately after their birth, which leads to the limitation of mental development, physical development, the senses and other aspects of the child's overall health. Every child with cerebral palsy will experience a different result in terms of severity and effect. For some children, the prognosis is a limited lifetime that may result in severe mental limitations. The condition does not have a known cure and treatment options are limited. Some children will have epilepsy, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or other forms of medical limitations alongside cerebral palsy.

Fast Facts

  • It is an estimate that at any time, 2 to 3 children per 1000 have cerebral palsy.
  • Two thirds of children who have cerebral palsy will have some amount of mental impairment.

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