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Birth trauma can be caused by a number of factors, including physician error, medical complications, and even certain medications or instruments used in the birthing process. Complications with cesarean sections may occur, a baby may be deprived of oxygen, suffer a head injury, nerve damage, or broken bones during birth. In these and other incidents regarding birth trauma, it is important to determine whether there was negligence involved which led to the trauma, and if so, who is liable and responsible. A birth trauma lawyer should be consulted in order to better understand what legal options are available to those who have suffered from a situation involving a birth trauma. An experienced birth trauma lawyer can offer valuable legal counsel and help families secure financial compensation to help pay for any expenses related to their tragic incident.

Fast Facts

  • Estimates state that in the United States, there are an average of three birth traumas per hour.
  • About 1.1% of Cesarean sections performed in America result in some type of birth injury.

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