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A birth injury attorney is one that works closely with patients who have suffered some type of traumatic incident before, during or immediately after birth. If a doctor does not react fast enough, or properly, to a patient's needs during birth, this can lead to a number of medical conditions. This lack of action can result in permanent damage to the child. Birth injury attorneys provide services to those families experiencing brain damage injuries, paralysis, damage to the spinal cord, bone fractures, cerebral palsy and several other types of injuries. Those who are facing any situation in which they believe their doctor failed to perform his or her duties properly can find help through the these attorneys in getting restitution as well as protecting future children from these mistakes.

Fast Facts

  • Birth injury settlements, such as those from medical malpractice cases can result in millions of dollars in settlements.
  • Notably, researchers have found that those who suffer from traumatic, severe brain injury do make gradual improvements in function for at least 10 years after their injury.

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