Birth Injuries

Birth injuries occur for many women each year. This may include any injury to the child or to the mother during the delivery process, or right after. In most situations, injuries are unavoidable and may be due to complications during the birthing process. Other types of injuries are avoidable and due to mistakes in the decision making process. Birth injuries may include brachial plexus injury, c section complications, and other injuries. In some cases, birth injuries can result in muscle trauma or brain damage to the child, depending on the type of injury that occurs. In some cases, the development of conditions like cerebral palsy may occur, especially when there is brain damage caused by infections or a loss of oxygen during the birthing process.

Fast Facts

  • In the United States, each year, approximately one percent of all births involve the use of forceps.
  • Every year in the United States, four percent of births are assisted through the use of a hand held vacuum.

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