Baby Vacuum

A baby vacuum is a device that works much like a vacuum in that it uses suction to help to deliver the baby. It is commonly used with forceps to help extract the child when the child's progress during birth is not good or seems to have slowed. In most instances, doctors will not use forceps or a birth vacuum unless the child is in a safe position and the child must be far enough down in the birth canal prior to using them. The procedure is not used all the time, but rather when there is need to use them. In some instances, there are risks associated with the condition including brain damage and other types of birth injuries. Because of these risks, doctors often use these delivery methods quite limitedly.

Fast Facts

  • In the United States each year, six births out of every 1000 result in birth trauma injuries of some type.
  • According to national statistics, more significant birth injuries occur in larger hospitals (over 300 beds) than in smaller hospitals.

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