Assisted Birth

An assisted birth occurs when doctors need to use forceps or a vacuum to deliver the child. Under most situations, it is completely safe for doctors to use these types of devices to aid in birth, though there may be complications in some situations. Assisted birth is not optimum, in that it is best if the mother can deliver the child without aid. Yet, there are situations when it is warranted, such as when the mother is exhausted, the womb is exhausted and contractions are not being productive, the baby is premature, the baby is lacking oxygen, or has a heartbeat that is unstable or if the baby is in a breech position. It is often the doctor's decision whether to use these devices to help deliver the child.

Fast Facts

  • In the United Kingdom, about one in every eight births are assisted births.
  • 80 percent of women who have an assisted birth will have a normal birth the next time they deliver a child.

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