Internal Bleeding after Birth Delivery

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Internal bleeding can cause serious problems, especially when it occurs in a newborn baby’s brain. This type of injury can be caused by many things, including the improper use of medical delivery tools like forceps and a vacuum suction. Every doctor or midwife who decides to guide or push a baby into a preferred delivery position, must do so with extreme precision. If a baby’s body is poorly manipulated or handled with too much force, bleeding may begin inside the baby’s brain. Numerous birth defects and other traumas may follow.

Bleeding Injuries after Birth

The following list sets forth some of the physical injuries that babies may sustain when a medical professional improperly uses forceps or a vacuum device:

(1)   Cuts and bruises – depending on their severity, these may require immediate medical attention to avoid further complications;

(2)   Cephalhematoma – A pocket of blood may form between the bone and the skin covering the head. While this may sometimes heal itself within a few days, this type of hematoma requires careful observation and possibly more aggressive treatment. [The three main types of hematomas are named in accordance with where they occur in the brain: subdural, epidural and intracerebral];

(3)   Intracranial Hemorrhage – This occurs when a blood vessel bursts and bleeds into the brain. Immediate medical treatment is required. [This is also known as an Intracerebral Hemorrhage.]

Child Birth Bleeding Legal Claim

If you suspect that your child’s bleeding into the brain (or surrounding tissues) was directly caused by medical malpractice, seriously consider contacting a birth trauma attorney. This medical malpractice specialist will review all of the pertinent medical records to determine if there’s clear evidence supporting this claim and can tell you how often he or she has prevailed after filing similar lawsuits.

Since many factors can cause internal bleeding into a newborn’s brain, including a premature birth, your attorney will explain to you how likely it is that medical malpractice played a key role in the injury. Your birth injury lawyer can also refer you to a number of medical specialists familiar with this type of injury who can tell you what other medical problems may soon develop.