Birth Injuries

Although it can be one of the most sobering practice areas of the law, birth trauma lawyers rightfully take pride in championing the cases of their frail little clients. Since newborns are already totally dependent on the adults surrounding them, when they’re born with serious birth defects, they become truly lost souls in many ways.

Fortunately, birth trauma attorneys, who are usually highly accomplished personal injury lawyers (with a strong interest in medical malpractice issues) stand ready to help them. They try to take on cases involving a wide variety of medical errors/injuries caused by negligent doctors and other healthcare providers.

Common Birth Injuries

Many of the most common birth traumas are referenced below, either specifically or as part of a group of similar medical conditions.

Injuries Involving Paralysis

Few physical challenges are more difficult to manage than those involving some form of physical paralysis, such as cerebral palsey. While there are individuals who must only cope with “light” or “minor” paralysis issues, most of the cases presented to attorneys can require many years, if not decades, of future treatment. Cerebral palsy, erb’s palsy, paraplegia and quadriplegia (quadriplegic cerebral palsy) all demand a very high level of daily courage from those who have them (or who act as their caregivers).

While there are some genetic conditions that a mother can pass on to a child that will cause a form of paralysis, a great many other afflicted individuals develop their forms of paralysis due solely to the careless (or negligent) maneuvers of the physicians who tried to deliver them. These children need their parents to champion their rights. They should have the ability to obtain all of the medical care and personal assistance they may need over the years as they try to progress to their highest levels of functioning.

Spinal Cord Damage & Bone Fractures

Some babies are born with problems like scoliosis (a curved spine) and other ailments that are not the cause of careless doctors. However, many other problems, like a dislocated humerus bone (the one that connects the shoulder to the elbow) are far too often caused by physicians who exert too much force while using forceps or vacuum extractors to deliver a baby. While bruising (or skin irritations/tears) may appear on the outside of a newborn’s body connected to such injuries, many babies suffer greatly because these conditions remain fully hidden below the skin’s surface. It can take a very knowledgeable professional to recognize the unusual symptoms of a baby who has some form of paralysis.

Surgeries and casts are often required to try and make these children as whole as possible. However, other newborns and toddlers may not receive such interventions in time to heal to any great extent.

Internal Bleeding Injuries & Infections

Some of the most challenging birth trauma cases involve babies born with internal bleeding and various infections since these are frequently difficult to detect. Careful delivery room doctors and nurses always runs numerous tests on newborns to try and discover these problems before allowing infants to leave their care. Unfortunately, some internal bleeding goes unnoticed after a doctor (trying to rush a delivery) handles or maneuvers a baby in a rough or negligent manner while trying to complete the birthing procedure.

Like some internal bleeding cases, bacterial infections can be passed from mother to child. However, delivery rooms and their personnel carry a host of bacterial infections on them and can easily transmit these to babies when they fail to wear the proper gowns, masks and gloves. In addition, delivery room doctors and workers sometimes fail to administer various ointments or other treatments in a sterile manner. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for a lawyer to always find proof of these types of oversights in the medical records. Nevertheless, some infections can only occur if negligent care was provided to the newborn and attorneys know how to prove such cases.

Birth Injury Legal Help

If you think your baby was born with a serious birth defect that was probably not caused by a genetic condition (or if you just want to get a professional opinion about the situation), you should seriously consider meeting with birth trauma lawyers. This legal expert can help you by reviewing the pertinent medical records and deciding if enough evidence is present to build a strong birth trauma case. Your attorney can also answer all of your questions about how a birth trauma case usually moves forward and what you should expect as the plaintiff or complaining party.